International Incident: Black Parents Of Bakari Henderson Seek Justice In Greece After Son Beaten To Death In Possible Hate Crime

This is going to make you very mad. You’ve been warned. Source: NurPhoto / Getty If, for some reason, you were of the mindset that America was the home of the most exceptional racism on the globe, then you’d be sadly mistaken. Even as some posture about leaving the states for greener, less bigoted pastures […]

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FULL STORY: Why Emeka Ugwuonye is Suing Air Peace — And His 10 Demands

The social media in particular is awash with reports of planned legal action by Emeka Ugwuonye, President/CEO of Eculaw Group, against Air Peace Airline Limited. The news has prompted reactions from passengers who have been victims of flight delays and cancellations by airlines, not just Air Peace. But that hasn’t stopped Ugwuonye from officially communicating […]

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GTCo Bank branches sealed

Anambra State seals GTCo Bank branches over tax default

  The leadership of the Anambra Internally Generated Revenue Services led a team of enforcers to seal branches of the bank in the state. Anambra State Government sealed off the premises of the Guaranty Trust Co. (GTCo) in the State for non-remittance of tax. The closure which caught the bank staff and customers unawares saw […]

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Dad recounts agony of telling daughter her mom, brother died in Bronx fire

horrific Bronx high-rise fire described the agonizing conversation when he had to tell his surviving daughter they didn’t make it out alive. Mamadi Jambang, 53, who didn’t live with his children and ex, told The Post that through witness accounts he determined the trio were on the top floor of the 19-story building when the […]

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35 Years Ago: ‘Cobra Kai’ Star Ralph Macchio Crane-Kicked The Devil In ‘Crossroads’

After featuring heavily in multiple Karate Kid movies and countless flashbacks across three seasons of Cobra Kai, the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament match between Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence today feels as exhaustively scrutinized as the Zapruder film. Yet imagine a version of this iconic showdown where Ralph Macchio trades guitar licks instead of […]

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Woman suffering agonizing tummy pain tried to go to toilet but ends up giving birth

A woman who had an agonizing stomach upset rushed to the toilet to relieve herself only to realize she was giving birth. New-mum, Billie Ward had no idea she was in labour. She had been warned she probably wouldn’t give birth on her due date so thought her tummy pains were a false alarm. In […]

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