Here’s your ‘And Just Like That’ character, based on your zodiac sign

Simba of “The Lion King” and it shant prevent me from waxing astrologically about Carrie, Che, Charlotte and the rest of the gang. This season we’ve watched Libra Carrie Bradshaw become the best dressed widow in television history and find the fire of friendship with real estate slinging, chain smoking, private car riding, unequivocally Leo […]

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I’m a flight attendant and this is what happens to dead bodies on planes

Virgin Australia, shared how staff deal with a dead body if someone dies during a journey. Speaking to’s podcast “I’ve Got News For You,” Melbourne-based Young said it is important that staff show their respect to the person who has died. She said: “We want to be as respectful as possible if that [death on board] actually happens. […]

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Germany bans far-right “Wolf Brigade 44”, finds weapons and Nazi symbols

Getty Images Police found a crossbow, machete, knives and Nazi symbols in early-morning raids on Tuesday after banning a far-right extremist group called “Wolf Brigade 44” which the government says wants a Nazi state. Swastikas were among the Nazi symbols uncovered in searches of the homes of 11 members of the group in the states […]

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