Your Better Self with Akanna: Count Your Blessings & Learn to be Grateful

And then, there were the social upheavals that seemed to sweep through many regions of the world. It was strange not to wake up to a new trending hashtag protesting a perceived injustice. Saddest was when governments, tasked to protect and defend, turned against their own citizens to inflict bodily harm. Seeing all this almost […]

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No Way We’d Have Gotten Through It Without You! So Let’s Look Back & Celebrate Our 2020 Wins Together

2020 has been a year! All of us made our way into it with different goals and aspirations, sure it was going to go just as we planned. But life had cards up its sleeves. Of course we’re talking about the coronavirus, how it changed all of our realities, taught us new lessons about life and living. It […]

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