“Falegan That Used To Cry On Top Of Me” – Nkechi Blessing Drags Ex-Husband, Shows Off What She Wears In Place Of Panties [Video]

Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday continues with her social media drama as she shows off what she wears in place of panties. Recall that the her ex-lover, Opeyemi Falegan had taken to social media to assert that he left her due to poor hygiene. He disclosed that she wears a pant for 3 days and finds it difficult to brush her mouth. Nkechi also replied stating that she hasn’t worn a pant since she was 18. In a recent development, during an IG live session with Daddy Freeze, Nkechi Blessing showed off the bodysuit she wears instead of panties. As regards hygiene, she avowed that she usually dips her finger into her [email protected] and put it inside her mouth which shows how neat she is. According to her, Falegan usually cries whenever they are making love. Watch the video below: In similar news, Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing has stated that she prefers to marry late than marry wrong. For her, she doesn’t let people opinion about her move her. Nkechi Blessing noted how people will always talk about you regardless. SHE SAID, “I RATHER MARRY LATE THAN MARRY WRONG. I DON’T LET OTHER PEOPLE OPINION ABOUT ME MOVE ME. PEOPLE WILL TALK REGARDLESS. WHY NOT DO YOU She replied her ex-boyfriend Falegan after he alleged that she’s unhygienic and can wear a single pant for 3 days saying she smells and tastes so good. Falegan in a viral video accused Nkechi Blessing of not being hygienic and actually wearing a single pant for 3 days until he asks her to change it and the fact that he apologized. Nkechi Blessing has replied to his claims debunking whatever he said saying she smells and tastes soo good that we should ask Mr. A as she’s the sweetest ever shading him that he has been crying whenever he wants to come after s3kz. According to Nkechi Blessing, she has moved on since November last year when she left London so why not he do the same by asking him to leave her name out of his mouth since having a relationship with him again is not by force.

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