E put money for your account? Actress Adunni Ade to trolls body-shaming her for not having a huge backside

Adunni has a message for trolls who keep talking about her backside.
Actress Adunni Ade has asked if having a huge backside guarantees money in one’s bank account. She also accused her colleagues of using fake Instagram pages to body shame her.
The mother of two said this in a recent Instagram post, adding that she looks good at her age.
She wrote:

“In 2022, we see people still body shaming folks out here? I look damn good at my age! Always been a dime piece! An amazing mother of 2 young boys! A certified hustler! Making legit money! It’s yNash that is some of you problem?
Even jobless colleagues go using fake pages to body shame? you wey get big ynash, how much you get for your account? God punish the devil sha! To keep sane on these social media streets ain’t easy but trust if you try to unleash the other side of my Gemini side, kassala go buss o!.”

The actress advised the body shamers to stay away from her and face their lives.

“Make una leave me alone as I Dey je je o! Dirty folks with dirty minds! Una be una problem! Face your work! Stop looking for sympathy! Coz when I come to you one one, it’s on and popping!
Ladies! Listen up! Do not be intimidated by anyone and anything! Stand ta with your head high and go for your goals! I wish you all well!.”

Raised in Lagos and the United States, Adunni earned a degree in accounting at the University of Kentucky in 2008.

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