Billionaire Terry Waya‘s wife, Susan, joins Benue governorship race — Global Times Nigeria

Billionaire Terry Waya‘s wife, Susan, joins Benue governorship race

Susan Waya, the wife of Benue billionaire Terry, has joined the 2023 Benue governorship race on the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) platform.

Mrs Ways, who spoke with journalists shortly after obtaining her nomination and expression of interest forms at the PDP secretariat in Abuja, said she hoped to win the party’s ticket.

“A state abundantly gifted with rich, agricultural fields covered by fresh, clean, and unadulterated flowing rivers, one of which it was later named after, Benue is a safe-haven in the grasslands with vast human resources,” said Mrs Waysa.

She added, “The state had and still has irreplaceable potential and has a strong promise for a better future. Our state was so endowed that it was projected to feed the entire nation and serve as a gateway for export to other countries. Unfortunately, our motto as the food basket of the nation has become a fantasy over the years.”

Mrs Wayas stressed that her priority is restoring Benue to its “glory days and build a more productive and diversified economy by investing heavily in security, agriculture, infrastructure, health, power, ICT, and tax cuts.”

Her plan is to assemble all the indigenous engineers and architects through the works ministry “to plan and restructure our state to accommodate an international airport, new roads, flyovers, stadium etc.”

She said that she also plans to initiate a social investment scheme to uplift the living conditions of the people of the state, who were living in extreme poverty.

Mrs Wayas is the only woman in the 2023 governorship race in Benue.