Woman named ‘Ikea’ enjoyed perks — but changed name due to bullying

Jasmine Dagless, then called Ikea, as a baby with father Bradley

Ikea Jasmine, so-named by mom Linda and father Bradley (above), swapped her first and middle name when she was 12 and legally became Jasmine Ikea.
Jasmine Dagless / SWNS

“It’s only legally that I get called Jasmine. My family still call me Ikea, or ‘Kea’ for short,” she added.

The decision to change her name became a family matter as they had enjoyed promotional perks from the company, as a thanks for naming their daughter Ikea.

Jasmine Dagless with mom Linda
The Dagless family were reportedly reluctant to give up the freebies that mom (above) and dad gained by naming their daughter Ikea.
Jasmine Dagless / SWNS

“When I was younger my mum got a letter from IKEA that basically said we could get furniture and toys free of charge,” the administrative health-care worker said. “I got a few toys and my mum got a sofa.”

The change was less than radical as Dagless opted to reverse her given middle name with her first, from Ikea Jasmine to Jasmine Ikea.

And there are no hard feelings between her and the brand. In fact, she reportedly boasts an IKEA dresser of her own, and is currently eyeing their built-in closet system.

She’s also planning a trip back to the department store — for old time’s sake. “I went to IKEA when I was 1 or 2 but as an adult I’ve never been — I really want to go,” she said.

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