TCC League: We’re Here For Serious Business, Valiant Coach Warns

Valiant FC take on fellow Creative Championship League side Iganmu FC in one of the standout ties of the second round match day at the legacy pitch Surulere.

The two elephants battled hard against each other as both sides were given a penalty kick before the 90 minutes of play.

Valiant FC in their previous match against Beyond Limit were beaten 4-1 as goals were dropping like showers from the sky.

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Coach Mustapha Owolabi in an interview with sport247 after the final 90 minutes of the play said;

” Regardless of what the outcome of the game is, I can see some improvement. We have actually corrected some of our mistakes, and we still have better games ahead of us”

” All the implementation we made were used during the match but unfortunately a penalty was awarded against us, and am happy my boys fought back and we also go a penalty too. But I can’t question the decision of the referee until I get the review of the game. Coach Mustapha Owolabi added.”

” I still want to urge all our fans to look out for positive results from us in our subsequent matches to come, he concluded”

Kudos to Elegalam Sixtus of Valiant FC who made a tremendous outstanding performance for himself and his teammates.

We wish the young star a brighter football carrier.

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