‘In My Maserati’ crooner, Olakira hops on Maserati collaboration deal


Dreams do come true. Time and time again, we’ve been able to see this play out in the Nigerian music industry. The latest of this is with Nigerian singer, Olakira who just got a collaboration deal with leading automobile brand, Maserati.

Ade Ebenezer, known by his stage name Olakira is a fast-rising Nigerian singer and producer who rose to stardom for his hit song, ‘In My Maserati.’

Songs have different meanings to different audiences and Olakira has been able to key into an audience that relates to his sound, and music, creating meaning to it. Seeing the result of the genius he created with the first released ‘In My Maserati,’ the singer went on to make a remix of the song, and also a remake of it.

The three versions of the song are doing great numbers across all streaming platforms but with a focus on Spotify, the first and original version has gathered 16,597,105 streams, ‘Maserati Remix has gathered 7,114,190 streams, ‘In My Maserati (Moris Beat Mix)’ has gathered 1,308,571 streams.

It is no surprise that the brand the singer so fondly mentioned in his fast-rising song eventually notices him and decides to have a collaboration deal with him.

This announcement was made on both the Instagram page of Olakira as well as Maserati Middle East with a caption acknowledging the views on the song.

“If 36 million views seemed surreal, a real #Maserati collaboration seemed unreal for @iamolakira.”

Reactions to Maserati’s collaboration deal with Olakira

Since the announcement post was made, there are 831 comments on the post with most of his colleagues and fans congratulating the singer.

“This makes me soooo happy!!! Congratulations” – @mrmacaroni1

“Soooo happy for you! Best song in a while! – @mayadeer

“Congratulations!! This gave me shivers.” – @mojibadeshow

“Sing it into existence.” – @kryptolympus

Olakira during an interview
Olakira during an interview with Maserati media team.

What this means for Olakira

Maserati is a luxurious automobile brand and one of the leading automobile brands in the world when it comes to luxury. Signing a collaboration deal with this brand is a dream come through for any artist and Olakira will be the first in Africa to sign an exclusive deal with the brand.

What this means for Olakira is that he now has access to Maserati luxury cars in any part of the country he is as far as the deal is on.


As of the time of this report, we do not know the in-depth agreement of the deal but the prospect of having access to Maserati luxury cars anywhere he is in the world is enough to get anyone excited.

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