Fulani herdsmen prefer Tinubu as president in 2023: MACBAN

Fulani herdsmen are considering the adoption of APC national leader Bola Tinubu as their presidential candidate ahead of the 2023 presidential election, preferring him to others in ruling Nigeria, says Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association (MACBAN).

“We are also scanning the people showing interest in the presidential seat with Bola Tinubu leading because he was the one that intervened in our matter while he was governor of Lagos, and we had a crisis in Benue,” said the MACBAN on Sunday after a meeting at the Agricultural and Rural Management Training Institute, Abuja.

The meeting drew Fulani leaders from the 36 states and the FCT Abuja.

“Tinubu came all the way, got us on a round table and reconciled us, so, someone who could do this at that time, we believe can do more when he is at the helm of affairs,” added Ya’u Haruna, the convener of the meeting and one-time chairman of the Jigawa chapter of MACBAN. 

According to him, many Fulanis in Nigeria are seen as criminals.

“We are not in any way saying there are no criminals that engage in kidnapping, cattle rustling, banditry and other crimes. But it must also be known that a larger percentage of our people live peacefully and conduct their legitimate businesses,” explained Mr Haruna.

He added, “We want to partner the federal, state governments and foreign donor organisations to establish schools so that our youths can be educated and put their knowledge to gainful use for national benefit.”

The ex-MACBAN chief further explained that Fulani communities were enlightened on the 2023 general elections, security, and living in peace.

“Most of our grazing reserves have been taken over by those in power. To get these back, we have to also join politics and even contest elective positions,” he reasoned. “Already and following our effort in sensitising our people, many now have their PVC cards and are only waiting for the election time.”

Mr Tinubu had informed President Muhammadu Buhari of his plan to go for the APC’s presidential ticket early in the year.

He told journalists of his ambition to be president of Nigeria, chalking his ability to rule the country of over 200 million people to the achievements made while he was governor of Lagos. 

“I answer that with categorical yes. I’ve informed the president of my intention, but I have not informed Nigerians yet. I’m still consulting. And I have no problem consulting. And I’ve noticed that a parameter of limitation to the extent of how many people will I consult,” Mr Tinubu had said. 


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