Nasarawa one of Nigeria’s safest states: Official

Moses Utondo, an aide of Governor Abdullahi Sule of Nasarawa, has described the state as one of the safest in the country due to the policies adopted by the government in tackling insecurity.

“Nasarawa state can be rated one of the safest in the country in terms of security, and this is due to the sincere commitment of the administration of Sule to tackle insecurity head-on,” Mr Utondo, the governor’s senior special assistant on security, said on Friday.

He added that the government’s community-based security mechanisms had curtailed insecurity.

“This administration adopted a security mechanism that is community-based. The security mechanism has succeeded in checkmating possible security breaches in parts of the state,” he explained. “They don’t allow security breaches to occur before they respond to it.”

Mr Utondo mentioned that the community security mechanisms entailed synergising with other stakeholders in the state to inform government officials and security agencies of impending security breaches in parts of the state.

“Anywhere there are issues or signs of security breaches, we always tackle it head-on by employing our local methods of gathering intelligence information which has been successful,” he stated.

The governor’s aide noted that the constant interface with traditional rulers on security in their domains had also been helpful.

“The security outfit, in partnership with security agencies in the state, gathers intelligence, arrests and prosecutes trouble makers, making it difficult for security breaches to occur,” the governor’s aide added.

Mr Utondo disclosed that farmers-herders crises had significantly reduced in the state.


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