How I escaped assassination attempt in Kogi – PDP chieftain

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A former member of Kogi State House of Assembly and retired senior military officer, Commodore Folusho Daniel, has raised the alarm over his safety following gunmen attack on his country home, which he narrowly survived.

Daniel, a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, said he had travelled to his home town, Orokere Amuro to cast his vote in Saturday’s local government election in Kogi State when the gunmen stormed his residence on Saturday afternoon and opened fire. “Where is that useless commodore. Let him come out and we shall finish him here,” the former lawmaker said the the gunmen were shouting they continued shooting.

The former House of Representatives hopeful who alleged it was an assassination attempt, disclosed details of the attack in a social media post. He said the sound of gunshots interrupted his sleep.

He said when he got up he sneaked to the window from where he saw the five heavily armed hoodlums spraying bullets in his compound.

His narrative reads in part: “It was about 2:30 pm yesterday (12 Dec, 2020) that the hired assassins came to my compound in 3 loaded vehicles… At a vantage point from my room I counted 5 fully armed hoodlums right inside my compound shooting at anything and everything…It was the volcano of the ta ta ta ta ta ta that actually woke me up from sleep after reaching home from a charade or comedy called “election”.

“I jumped up from my bed and saw from my windows how they were shooting at my house. Series of calls started coming into my phones telling me that my house has been condoned off by many armed men from outside. I heard them shouting and saying ” Where is that useless commodore. Let me come out and we shall finish him here.”

I ignored the calls persuading me not to come out. The military in me got me infuriated and I was prepared to damn the consequence even if it meant death while defending my house. I got dressed up and came out when I saw them quickly zoomed off like cowards. Some of my boys displayed absolute bravery and stoned them before they ran away.

“The hoodlums wore old police bullet proof jackets but I can tell from the way they operated that they were not trained policemen. You could see fear in them as they were shooting. I think they must be hired assassins.

Daniel said he was prepared to die if they had stay longer. He recalled that he had seen worse situation and can not be easily frightened or cowed by rag tag hoodlums. “The worst that could have happened to me was death and I was prepared for it. Having lived this long, I should not be afraid to die. Very many of my colleagues at arms are long dead and forgotten. I know that my time would come someday and if it came yesterday, to God be the glory.

He suspects of the attack. “The persons after my life now are the same persons close to me and for whom I have made sacrifices. They are the people now trying to assassinate me.

“It is very clear that my life is no longer safe. I am writing a report to the appropriate security outfits in Abuja telling them the likely suspects just in case I am killed eventually.

“And if they succeed in killing me, my only request is that my boys should organize a very befitting military burial for me. I narrowly escaped yesterday. I may not be that lucky all the time. My will is ready and anytime they succeed in striking me down, then it shall be “A o pade leti odo …..”.

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